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Welcome to Colbert

Established 1907    —    School District I-4     —    School Mascot—Leopard     —   School Colors—Maroon and White



Colbert, Oklahoma

The Colbert school system is located on the banks of the Red River and the shores of Lake Texoma. There are approximately 800 students enrolled in our Pre-K through 12th grade.

The new school year brings a sense of renewed optimism and outlook for positive growth for Colbert Public School. The new year is also bringing an opportunity for an unprecedented collaboration with the community that we expect to result in a stronger school system and a better city of Colbert. Thanks to the citizens of the Colbert School District, we have finished the construction of a new elementary school, a new library (safe room), new physical education building for elementary students, and a new gymnasium. As you drive by our campus, stop and admire our new facilities.

Colbert school is "celebrating learning" as teachers and students are working hard to strive for excellence. Our goal this year is to provide for all children an education that is meaningful and will connect to their every day lives.

The Colbert school districts aim is to improve every day in as many ways that we possibly can.

As our parents or patrons, you can play a very important role in this process. We are constantly seeking your thoughts and ideas. This process needs ideas from everyone; please participate.

We hope you will visit our different areas on the web site. Also, come by the different school sites and see educational excellence in progress as all "Leopards Leap to Greatness."

Jarvis Dobbs, Superintendent


It is the mission of our school district to work together to assure that every child feels important and has the opportunity to become a happy, successful and responsible human being.


We believe that the Colbert Public School will provide an environment designed to nurture the intellectual, social, and physical growth of our students. We will enable them to meet the challenges of an ever-changing society and to develop as an integral factor that can contribute to that society. We recognize the asset of having parental and community input, and the tremendous contributions that they make in the overall growth of each student. With the skills, knowledge, and attitudes developed within our system, students can function at their full potential as citizens in a democratic society, understanding and contributing to that society at every level.

Colbert Public School
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