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Oklahoma's Promise Scholarship

Oklahoma’s Promise Scholarship

Discover the promise of FREE college tuition!

The Oklahoma Legislature has set up a unique program for eighth-, ninth- , tenth- and 11th-grade students that will help pay for their college education if their parents' income from taxed and untaxed sources is $60,000 -1 or 2 dependent children,  $70,000 – 3 or 4 dependent children,  $80,000 – 5 or more dependent children at the time the student applies for the program.   This amount is based on the adjusted gross income.  Must sign up by December 31st of the students’ 11th grade year.

Required High School Courses*


English (grammar, composition, literature; courses should include an integrated writing component)


Lab science (biology, chemistry, physics or any lab science certified by the school district; general science with or without a lab may not be used to meet this requirement)


Mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, pre-calculus [must have completed geometry and Algebra II], calculus, Advanced Placement [AP] statistics)


History and citizenship skills (including one unit of American history and two additional units from the subjects of history, economics, geography, government, non-Western culture)


Foreign or non-English language (two years of the same language)
OR Computer technology (two units in programming, hardware and business computer applications, such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets and graphics, will qualify; keyboarding or typing classes do NOT qualify) (1 foreign language and 1 computer course will NOT meet this requirement.)


Additional unit of subjects listed above


Fine arts (music, art, drama) OR Speech


Total Units