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Indian Program


Program Contact:  Wanda Williams,

Program Contact:  Linda Carter,

Colbert School
P. O. Box 310
Colbert,  OK  74733

The Colbert Indian Education Program was established to provide an improved elementary and secondary school program designed to meet the special and unique educational needs of American Indian students.  This program has continued for many years under this educational mission, and we look forward to continued growth and progress in the future.  Our program is funded by two programs—Johnson O'Malley and Title-VII.

 Our mission is to preserve, promote, and prepare the most valuable resources within this diverse community...our children. 

We exist for the provision of academic assistance and positive direction toward future pathways.  The rich heritage of our cultures must be preserved for the success and perpetuation of our children.  The potential existing within each one of them must be promoted and persuaded into reality.  This can only happen through diligent preparation and discipline. 
Through the successful implementation of current services and the creation of new student development projects we will see our educational dreams and aspirations materialize through them.

The Colbert Indian Education Program is a comprehensive program that encumbers supplemental academic assistance, cultural perpetuation, and community involvement, and comprehensive student development according to the guidelines of the Federal Program Regulations. 

Our primary purpose is to provide Educational Support to American Indian students through the program objectives of Reading and Math with a special emphasis on Cultural Awareness.

Our main purpose is to cooperate with and assist the District with programs that will benefit Indian students, both academically and personally. We do so by providing the following services:
1.  After-School  Tutoring
      Computer Lab
      Native Language Classes
      Reading and Math Classes
2.  Parent committee meetings that provide a forum to discuss issues concerning the children in our program.
3.  Reading and Math Camps
4.  Field Trips
5.  Participation in Academic Bowl
6.  College Awareness