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Enrollment Information

Welcome Potential New Students!

Thank you for considering Colbert Public School!  Below is the list of requirements and some of the forms you will need to fill out in order to enroll at Colbert Public Schools.

Basic Enrollment Requirements
-Proof of Residency in Colbert School District
-Copy of Social Security Card
-Birth Certificate
-Current Shot Records (must be up-to-date)
-Proof of Guardianship (if applicable)
-Previous School Information (Phone, Fax, Address)
-Copy of current School Records

**Additional information may be required depending on the school and grade level your child is enrolling in.  Please contact the appropriate school office (numbers listed below) for more information on enrollment.

Colbert Westward Elementary
(3-Year Olds – to 3rd Grade)
Phone #: 580-296-2626
Must visit office to obtain enrollment forms.

Colbert Eastward Elementary
(4th -6th Grade)
Phone #: 580-296-2198
Must visit office to obtain enrollment forms.

Middle School / High School
(7th -12th Grade)
Phone #: 580-296-2599


Link for Online Student Transfer Application