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Go to “Lesson Plans (All Classes)" for this week’s and the remainder of the school year’s lesson plans.  

  • These assignments cannot lower your grade and are designed to keep your brain active during this time.  If you do not do any assignments, you will make the grade you had at Spring Break for the semester.  
  • This work is enrichment.  Points accrued until May 8th will be recorded in a bonus assignment in the online grading system.  
  • Again – all, some or none of these assignments can be completed during this week and need to be emailed to me ( or send a picture of the completed assignment in the remind app by Friday of the week assigned.
  • If you have questions please reach out to me through the remind app or email.



Remind Classroom Set Up:

  • Send text message ‚Äč@mkimberlyp to 81010


4th 9wk. concepts that would’ve been covered in class will not be covered during this time.  All lesson plans will be for enrichment only.  Below is a list of the topics that your student is welcome to research or study on his/her own.

  • Cardiovascular System
  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Urinary System
  • Reproductive System
  • Dissections – heart, lung, kidney
  • Labs – blood typing, factors affecting heart rate, enzymes

Interactive Websites


Free Anatomy Apps

  • Idle Human
  • Anatomy Quiz
  • 3D Brain
  • Science News and Discoveries
  • PBS Video
  • Science Trivia
  • NSF Science Zone
  • ACT Prep Coach & Practice Test
  • Practice, Test Prep, & Quizzes