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Masters of Beef Advocacy:

your go-to program for training and resources to be a strong advocate for the beef community. This free, self-guided online course provides farmers, ranchers, service providers, consumers, and all members of the beef community the tools and resources to become a beef advocate and answer tough questions about beef and raising cattle.

Complete steps 1-4.

Send an email with a copy or picture of the certificate earned at the end of the course.


360 Agriculture Virtual Fieldtrips:

Take a virtual field trip to explore agriculture. 36 awesome fieldtrips to choose from. Just use or phone/tablet (move your device around to find facts and move around in the video’s) or computer/laptops (use arrow keys to move around in videos).


Careers in Agriculture:

Explore 3 agriculture related careers that may interest you. (Watch each interview and take notes on the careers. Summarize each career field and list them in order from the career you would be most interested in to least interested in.)


The future of Farming:

Watch the YouTube video describing the future of farming. What are your thought? Do you have any innovative ideas on how to help the progression of agriculture? If so, what are they?


Stockshow Classroom:

Want to learn ways to better your livestock SAE projects. This is the site for you. Showrite Feeds has started an online classroom where they upload informative videos (4 videos per week) to help showman and producers in the show industry. What are some tip and tricks you learned?

Week 1- Selection 

Week 2- Getting them off to the right start

Week 3- Strategic Feeding

Week 4- Tips & Tricks for breaking and training

Horticulture Online Web Quest

Design, plan, and make a proposal for your own garden. The web quest gives you all resources needed to complete the project.